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After death ceremonies –

BEST PACKAGE for Cremation, Sanchayanam, Nityakarma and 9th to 12th Day programs

Here is a post that touches on a sensitive topic: Rituals of after-death Brahmin’s rituals
Funeral and after-death ceremonies in accordance with the (implicit) wishes of the departed.
Good Quality Brahmin Catering had been arranged as per requirements. The amount quoted is just based on my experience. I could afford the cost and effort of the rituals so I did; and I recognize that not everyone may be in the same position. Hence, Global Brahmins Welfare Bhavan will provide you good Economy package for Middle Class and Below Poverty Live Brahmins.

Our Team is Best Vydic Traditional Brahmins and Bhoktas and cook too pure brahmin women (Muttaiduva)


Global Brahmins Welfare Association

Whatsapp : 9701609689.

After death ceremonies – Vydic Brahmins

Here is a post that touches on a sensitive topic :
Rituals (and Cost) of after-death Brahmin’s rituals


  • Membership is Rs.500
  • Dahanam and Sanchayanam : Rs.2000 Only for Purohiths. Best Mantram
  • 75,000 only for : 9th Day to 12th Day Program including Hall, Brahmin Catering, Mantram, Danamulu, aseervachanam and all program related.



            I am neither an extremely staunch follower of Vedic traditions nor am I an agnostic or an atheist. Perhaps the closest term I can use to define myself is a ‘karma yogi.’ My parents, on the other hand, are more traditional, believing a bit on scriptures and the need to follow some aspects of the tradition.


At the time of my dad’s passing, I realized that I was expected to plan for the funeral and after-death ceremonies in accordance with the (implicit) wishes of the departed. 


            The reason I say implicit is because I had been unable to have a candid conversation on ‘planning’ for my father’s passing although it was imminent for a while. My situation is not unusual since most Brahmin families and caregivers are probably going to be in the same boat. They are expected to plan for ceremonies immediately after death, at very sensitive time when families and loved ones are emotionally vulnerable.

Special Discount Rates : 
for Dahanam Mantram : Rs.2000 Only. 

Dahanam & Sanchayanam


  • for 
  • Dahanam to 13 th Day Package : 
  • With Montram,
  • Bhoktas,
  • Danamulu,
  • Pure Brahmin
  • Catering,
  • All Arrangements,
  • Staying Rooms, 
  • Rituals room
  • Aseervachanam
  • Udakashanti on 13th Day


Vydiki /Niyogi Brahmins Rs.1,10,000
without staying in rooms, Udakashanti
This price is for a total 4 Days program. 


Srivyshnava Brahmins Rs.1,30,000


Madhva Brahmins Rs.1,50,000


From Death day Dahana samskaras , sanchayanam to 13th Day also we have good package. 

Pure Brahmin's Catering

We serve Pure Brahmin Catering tasty meals to total funeral days… as per perticipants choice menu will be prepared. 

for Staying persons breakfast, Lunch, Dinner/upaharam also available.