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Applicable for Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts of Telangana Only. But, both telugu state brahmins can try it once, if possible we will solve your health issue.


At present this service not available due to Omicron effect. If required we will allow you in General Dormitory Hall with Bed and Food.


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General Idea about my service : 

Whoever does what they do, as well as I do what I do. I do not work for others to praise me.

Since 2014 My self running this Brahmin Welfare Bhavan, Many Brahmin Families come to us with confidence as a result of the services we render. Today we are running an office in a hall with a capacity of 200 as the number of Brahmin visitors increases. Many families who are struggling to survive are coming to us today. In the year 2014 this Brahmin Welfare Bhavanwe set up with a single service of *Free Boarding and Lodging, today has grown to about 30 services. As services increased, so did the financial burden, along with the increase in staff and the increase in timings. The cooperation of all of you has been very courageous even though I am the only one direction to do and develop all this. Every Organization has a Body, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and Others. But in our organization, I am the king, I am the pawn. That is why our services have not been interrupted for years. This is a fact that most people agree on…

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Giri Prasad Sarma kalle, Founder President, Police Officer who is run this Brahmin Welfare Bhavan. 

brahmin elders

We always work with al lelders. 


Brahmin’s APARA Karma’s , Catering Services available with us.
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