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Applicable for Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts of Telangana Only. But, both telugu state brahmins can try it once, if possible we will solve your health issue.


Please Note : You must report Kachiguda Office first. and then we will decide about the accommodation. Opp ICICI Bank, Near Tourist Hotel, Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Whatsapp us : 9701609689


You can post your advertisements / Requirements etc.. Admin can answer you.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
for Room Booking Persons

Please note that, Brahmin Welfare Bhavan Providing Free Boarding and Lodging for our Brahmin community., But due to heavy bookings unable to provide single rooms or individual rooms., and majority of people cancelling their trips with out intimation., Hence, all of you Request to report before us and if possible we will allot a room , if room not available you can stay in our office. Costs, beds, fans and breakfast, Lunch, Dinner available.

But one condition is there, every visitor brahmin must perform Sandhyavandana at early hours and in the evening is mandatory. Hence, please aware in this matter and come to us. with out knowing or perform Sandhyavandan we are unable to provide any room or shelter.

Brahmin Welfare Bhavan.
G1, YRS Residency,
Opp ICICI Bank


Email :

*Please note once again : This is allocated for poor and middle class brahmin families., Hence, no AC Rooms or Luxury facilities available., this is ordinary dormitory type traditional place for Brahmin Visitors.

Service Information

Brahmin Welfare Bhavan right from its inception in the year 2014 at Hyderabad, has been in the service of community through several self-less service offerings to the poor and needy Brahmins in both telugu states.

Even today we are facing lot of inconvenience as our motive is to help the persons/ families who/ which are really deprived or in need.
The first and foremost challenge for us is to check with the genuinity of the person/ family approached us with a problem or for a help.

As I was formerly associated with the Police Dept, in this process of cross checking the genuinity, my way of questioning might be different but please note that I have neither ego nor grudge against anyone in our community. Infact I love serving the community and it has been my own choice to do so. In this regard, I must be really thankful to so many unanimous donors, who have been offering their helping hand as and when required.

Please note, our aim is to serve those who are in need indeed, not to the undeserving.

Moreover, the peson(s) who receive ( d) help also have to recognize that there is a limitation for everything. Sometimes their expectations are far more for us to reach.

These are the challenges we are encountering in this journey of helping the needy and deserved from our community.

Despite all these challenges, we are determined to serve to our community, no second thought about it.

We have a mechanism in place to get to know and address the problems from our community., If the issue is genuine we are taking risk and solving the same. This is a good flatform to solve your problems . we allow all types of issues from your end.

We have to move this help desk services to offline to help poor brahmin families who make use of normal mobiles also. To render service to these, we have Brahmin Welfare Bhavan Office located at Barkatpura Chaman.

Hence, all of our smart phone users may send queries / requests/requirements etc of your area through your smart phone.

We are ready to react on each and every issue /problem., and our response will be based on the subject and genuinity.

No regionalism, we are Brahmins, we are one as a community, we work for both telugu states, even for some issues related to us abroad.

Now you can share your issues / problems/ideas with us through Whatsapp message only for instant response.

Giri Prasad Sarma kalle
@ 9701609689.
Founder President.

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Free Boarding and Lodging
Free Hospital Service
Free Medicine
Free Eye Checkup and Free Opticals
Educational Assistance (Loans)
Free Grocery to Poor Brahmins
to survive

Office Timings :
11am to 4pm

for Guest house visitors
Round the clock.

for more information.
dial 6304921292
Admin Officer.

Firm Partners


Giri Prasad Sarma kalle, Founder President, Police Officer who is run this Brahmin Welfare Bhavan. 

brahmin elders

We always work with al lelders. 


Brahmin’s APARA Karma’s , Catering Services available with us.
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