Till Now Up to September 2022., From July 22, 2014 we are proudly announced a total Brahmin Beneficiries more than 60,000. Including Medical, Groceries, Financial, Marriage Helps, Shelters., etc. More over any brahmin can visit us any time to stay with us, orphans or single brahmins., Th. Q

Smt Kamala devi : Rs.90,000 for her mother’s funerals,
Chi. Sanjana Rs.31000 for her Inter Fee : +91 6309 408 734…
Shivarama Krishna for Medicines Rs.1500 :
To Pappu Lakshminarasimha murthy for Medicines Rs1000 ,
Sowmya – Monthly Pension Rs.9000 :
to Yadadri Karivena Satram : Rs.6500..
Smt Supriya Rs.24,000 for her daughter fee,
Sandarshini : Rs.15,000

Dear Brahmin Elders,

Kindly note that, for Arogyasree details and for CM Relief Fund details, please follow this website :


With Out any Cards our Free Services

1. Free Dialysis Scheme

2. Fre Dental Service

3. Free Eye checkup and free opticals

4. Eye Contaract Operations @ 50% Discount

5. Free Boarding and Lodging for Patients and Attendants up to their treatment
(We allow all /Any Hospital Patients and attendents)

7. Free Consultancy with all Doctors, Instant Treatment

6. Free Medical Checkups , MRI, C.T Scan etc

for More details Whatsapp your helth issue to discuss.,
Don’t call me please.

Giriprasad Sarma
Only Whatsapp 9701609689

Notification : 17th September 2022

Please attend our OP Ward for Better treatment. Send your request through Whatsapp first. 

Please Bring your previous report and Doctors prescriptions to get our Doctor’s Opinion. 

OP WARD Barkatpura Chaman Opp ICICIBANK – Hyderabad. Whatsapp us before coming : 9701609689

Welcome to Brahmins OP Ward

The OP Ward is open Every day from 10 am until 7 pm.There is a panel of highly qualified Doctors and dedicated Specialists for consultation. Patients from Both Telugu States and nearby states can take benefit out of these services @ Free of cost.. The Brahmin Welfare Bhavan has treated over 15000+ patients till date and has more than 250 active patients availing the services.

I am the Founder President., and our community people need not hesitate to approach me and but they must be honest.,

Friendly Clinic for You

Please note, Brahmins Welfare Bhavan Provides 1. Free Eye Checkup, Free Glasses. 2. Free Homeopathy Medicine with free Consultancy 3. All LAB Tests @ Rs.100 Only. 4. Free Hospital Treatment and Free Medicine All specialist doctors are serving with us. They quickly respond to all your queries / second opinion. through WhatsApp .

Experienced Dentist

Dr P Y Giri is one of the leading Dentist in Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad with 15+ years of experience in this field. You can consult Dr P Y Giri at Dental Clinic., This dental clinic is located at Brahmins Welfare Bhavan Barkatpura., Hyderabad. Appointment : is based on your message in whatsapp : Number : 9701609689.

New Patient

Our Doctors are working in corporate Hospitals such as Appollo and Yashoda etc ., they will guide you about your health issues, this is the community Health Center at Barkatpura, Hyderabad, Telangna. All State Brahmin can utilize this service., If you don’t have money to come Hyderabad, Brahmins Welfare Bhavan provides you up and down fares also.

Please utilize this service , this service dedicated to all Below Poverty Line Brahmins and Middle Class Brahmins. 

Complete Care on Your Schedule

We have one source where you can get the best doctors all under one roof.
Experienced Doctors

Life is uncertain, and you never know at which phase of life you will be facing problems because of which you are mentally sick. Even sometimes, you are unable to commute to your doctor for the consultation and the medication. Serious illness, painful conditions, age-related problems, arthritis, and other diseases may result in bed rest. In this scenario, You have to visit us once. at Brahmins Welfare Bhavan's OP Ward

How to approach :

Brahmins who are facing health problems are requested to come to us., even if they don't have smart phone to message in whats app, send the same health issue through others mobiles mentioning their name, mobile number age and health issue., so that we will call them directly and based on their issues we will decide the Department which suits for their health condition. for Information.

You come to us before your health completely deteriorates.

for any LAB Test Rs.100

How to Find Us


3-4-768 Barkatpura Barkatpura Chaman Hyderabad. opp ICICI Bank


+91 6304921292