Dear Elders, Namasthey

Invitation to participation in Brahmin Welfare Bhavan Acvitities

Dear Brahmin elders, We have been receiving enquiries regarding issuing standing instructions for remitting donations every month to Strengthen Brahmin Welfare Bhavan Activities. since 2014 Brahmin Welfare Bhavan is undertaking many activities of immense value, it will be deemed a big support to our community. We always believe that small drops of water to make a mighty ocean. Interested Brahmin donors can request their respective banks for monthly transfer of funds. In this connection while thanking the interested Brahmin Donors for their keen interest, we solicit the support of our kind elders. Regarding remitting donations, Please use the following official Account of Brahmin Welfare Bhavan. Please mail to our for any information. With best regards,

Kalle Giri Prasad Sarma,
Founder President,
Brahmin Welfare Bhavan.,

===Account Details===

Brahmins Help Desk
AC NO. 50200053822560
IFSC CODE : HDFC 000 4326

Sir/Madam, Please read this page once and share your thoughts with us. Our community will be saved only when we all respond responsibly. Our idea is only to provide direct assistance to families in need through you.

Our goal is to ensure direct assistance from donors to beneficiaries. Please share your thoughts with us after reading this page. Details of families in trouble can be sent directly to you.

for information.

Yours faithfully

Founder President
Brahmin Welfare Bhavan

The following free services are available in our office for the poor Brahmins who come every day from morning till evening.

For the poor and Middle Class Brahmin Families, many services such as
Essential goods,
Medicines, Financial assistance,
Free medical care, Educational assistance,
widow’s pension
take place every 9am to 5pmవచ్చిన వారు చెప్పే అంశం సరిగా ఉంటె వెంటనే సహాయం అందించడం జరుగుతుంది. We will go to their house and help them when their condition is not good.

GPay or Phone Pe or PayTM :
(Brahmin News Bulletin)

Our office runs 365 Days year-round. Please visit our office at your leaser time.
We have no holidays.

Dear Elders,
You can donate essentials, new clothes, items, etc. in your adult’s name. We will give the receipt. We will also give the details of who they gave it to.

One Kit contains :

10Kg Rice, Weat Atta 5kg, Toor Dal 2kg, Oil 2 Ltrs, Sugar 2kg, Rai 1/4 kg, Urad Dal 1kg, Urad Pappu 1/4kg, chenadal 1/4kg, Dry Mirchi 1/4kg , Imli 1/2 kg, Jaggery 1kg. Cost Around Rs.2500. 

If you are ready to donate this KIT to poor brahmin family you can message me about your enability date and time, so that I will share the beneficiary Details to you. you can contribute to one or more families as per your position. Also this is not a demand. You can respond on humanity grounds to support our Families , who are not having right income and facing problems to eat two times a day.  

Giri Prasad Sarma

You can contribute few funds to Poor or Middle Class Brahmin Families every month. If you are interesting to donate for medicine, we will provide beneficiary details and medicine details to you directly. You can order online and give their address. It is Donor to Beneficiary System which we are adopted in the year 2014.

Giri Prasad Sarma