Swamiye saranam Ayyappa️ ✅Transit accommodation for sabarimala piligirms near Kottayam at Free of cost✅ ✅Brahmin Welfare Bhavan's Friend Sri Krishnakumar Ananthasivan CA, Coimbatore✅ Brahmins Guest House for _Sabarimala piligrims coming from long distance (Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Telangana and Andhra Pradesh etc). The house is situated 8 KMS away from kottayam railway station and very close to famous Krishnaswamy temple which opens at 2 AM on all 365 days. As per the history, this temple was initially built for Lord Ayyappa and later on Sree krishna Idol was installed. There is a river which flows very close to our Brahmins Guest House where the pilgrims can take bath and have Dharsan in local temples before proceeding to sabarimala. Sabarimala is around 120 KMS from my place. The facilities available are: 1. 2500 square feet traditional Nalu kettu house ( courtyard in the middle) with 2 attached bathroom and toilet and Hot_water facility 2. Gas stove with connection- if required the piligrims can cook food. 3. Fans fitted in all rooms 4. car parking facility Near by attractions: 1. Vaikom Siva temple & Ettumanoor siva temple is in a radius of 30 kms 2. Chottanikara temple 45 kms 3. Kumarakom the tourist destination 7 Kms The intention is to provide service to Lord ayyappa by giving facility to his devotees. The devotees need not stay in a hotel or railway room during their pilgrimage. Interested person can post their names, and mobile number in this following link No charges are collected from ayyappa devotees. Swamiye saranam Ayyappa thanks

Krishnakumar Ananthasivan CA, Coimbatore

Giri Prasad Sarma Kalle

Founder President


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