Medical Assistance

దయచేసి గమనించండి : ఈ యొక్క వైద్య సేవలు కేవలం ఆర్థికంగా ఇబ్బందులు ఉన్నాయి, మాకు సహాయం చెయ్యండి అని విజ్ఞప్తి చేసేవారికి మాత్రమే. బ్రాహ్మణ కుటుంబాల్లో ఆదాయం లేని వారు లేదా సరి ఐన ఆదాయం లేని వారు మాత్రమే ఈ వైద్య సహాయం కోసం దరఖాస్తు చెయ్యాలి. మా సేవలు కోరుకునే వారు కొంత ఓపికతో ఉండాలి అలాగే మీ ప్రవర్తన మరియు ఆర్ధిక పరిస్థితిని బట్టి మాత్రమే సహాయం అందుతుంది.

We have set up this special scheme through *Brahmin Welfare Bhavan, Bharkatpura, Hyderabad* for families in financial difficulties. You can get these services in a very easy way. You need to register your details and get a welfare sense card
With this card number you can get various types of medical services for free.

All of these services are also completely free services. There are non-conditions. Available only depending on your financial situation and your behavior. Please do not made any demands on this services, our reaction will be the same if we are treated like a jerk. In our experience these sentences have to be written, also we don’t want any recommendations too for this services. Hence, come politely and request your problem.

You can visit us any working day between 11am to 3pm to utilize this service. Our Doctor’s will check you and give you suitable optical/spectacles. No need to Pay any money to anybody. 

For any type of Medicine English Medicne, Ayurvedic or Homeopathy Medicine available with us to serve on free of cost.  you can share your medicine prescription to us : through Whatsapp link which provided in this page. 

First three months after getting our Welfare Card you can clime Rs.600 worth medicine on free of cost. further from the 4th month you can get Rs.1000 medicine on free of cost. 

We no way connection with the medicine you asked or supplied by the pharmacist through our wing. You have to check all medicines with Mfg. and Date of expire or Nomenclature or Medicine name etc… We just considering your medicine on sympathetic grounds on your financial conditions. 


If you have dental problem about tooth, removing, filling, root canal or operation issues you can come to us to get appointment letter for your free treatment. You have to attend Hospital on your won expenses, no Travelling charges will be paid. You have to attend as per doctors advice number of times when ever they directed. 
We will pay the fee of 
X ray or Ultra Sound 
Root canal 
Filling or Removing tooth’s etc.. 


we will be in touch to you till your recover/treatment final.